Published Endorsements

Here are a few kind words taken for Bruce Jones' social media pages:

"Jones’ service on the City Council has given him a head start on how the city functions. We are impressed with the specific ideas he has to address the housing shortage and jobs, among other issues."
The Daily Astorian

"This is such wonderful news! I wish we lived in the city limits because Bruce Cary Jones would have our votes! This is just the kind of leader our town needs!"
Jeanette Schacher

"...a great American. We need more leaders like this to step up to the plate. Thanks for your selflessness Bruce. Good luck!"
Christopher Hulser

"So I try very hard to stay away from political posts on social media, but Bruce Cary Jones is the first person I called for advice when I got Command for a very good reason. He’s the kind of leader we write books about. When they coined the phrase “servant leader”, his picture was the illustration. For those of you that know me well, you know there are few humans on the planet I respect more than my father, and I put Bruce in similar standings. With his permission, I’ve used his example of leading Air Station New Orleans through the Hurricane KATRINA response in every leadership training event I’ve given. Most of my Facebook friends can’t vote in the Astoria Mayor’s race, but your thoughts and prayers go a long way. I hope more people like my father and Bruce Jones enter politics.... we DESPERATELY need good leaders in elected offices."
Marshall Branch


Daily Astorian 2016 City Council Campaign Endorsement

Endorsement Jones’ experience merits Astoria seat

In the race for the Ward 4 seat on the Astoria City Council, both candidates have the enthusiasm to serve and the desire to make Astoria a better place to live.

Vying for the seat are two political newcomers: Bruce Jones, a retired U.S. Coast Guard commander with an impressive record of career achievements; and Cory Pederson, a symphony conductor and music teacher who has achieved success by working with people, getting all perspectives and focusing on common goals. Importantly, neither candidate is running to fix a specific problem with an agenda going into office. Both would want their tenure on the council marked by simply doing the job with daily excellence.

While both candidates would be a good fit, Jones stands out for his leadership, experience and vision, and he merits our endorsement.

Although Pederson, 37, doesn’t have a resume quite as full as Jones, he has a solid record of success in his profession, of taking a symphony on the brink of disbanding and developing it into a thriving organization. He is president of the Jewell Educational Association union, and he sits on the boards of the Astoria Music Festival, Columbia River Symphony and North Oregon Coast Symphony.

However, we feel Jones, 56, is a stronger candidate for the position, and should he win, we hope Pederson will become more involved in city affairs and serve on volunteer city boards.

Jones spent 30 years in the Coast Guard and faced making what amounts to life-and-death decisions. He displays the judgment, integrity and leadership that would make him a true asset to a council that is clearly in transition.

Jones has a master’s degree in public administration, and he served his final years in the Coast Guard as commander of the Columbia River sector. He is active on several nonprofit boards, including the Columbia River Maritime Museum, Friends of the Astoria Column and Friends of the Astoria Armory. While in the service, he served on the United Way of Clatsop County board.

One of his top priorities is day-to-day budget management with future foresight, especially on matters of infrastructure so the city isn’t surprised down the road by its past decisions. He also believes the city needs to have better relationships with its neighbors, as well as working closer with the county and the Port of Astoria to solve common problems throughout the region like affordable housing and emergency preparedness.

Jones also understands the changing face of Astoria and the delicate balance of preserving the past and pushing for the future. His experience includes being the former chief of strategic analysis for the Coast Guard in Washington, D.C., and he would like to see the city develop a strategic plan and establish a five-year vision that takes into account the diversity of the economy between its working-class roots and its upscale tourism transition. His long experience in disaster response and working with all responding agencies would be invaluable for the city.

Jones’ well-rounded and deep qualifications make him the right person at the right time for the position and voters should respond by electing him to office.