Letter: We Need Jones’ Emergency Experience

Reprinted from The Daily Astorian
Stephanie Smith re Bruce Jones
Published on October 26, 2018 9:13AM

I’m writing to urge fellow Astorians to vote for Bruce Jones for mayor. In Bruce we have someone seasoned in emergency planning and rescue — resources that we need.

Our region lies under the grim, substantiated forecast of coming violent shifts in the Cascadia Subduction Zone. I rode out the Loma Prieta earthquake and Tropical Storm Irene. Communities need thorough planning and preparation well in advance of catastrophes.

Bruce led the Coast Guard response to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, a rare resource, an experience that shaped both his character and his ideas for future planning. The fruits of our efforts now could affect our continued survival.

I’m a volunteer at the Columbia River Maritime Museum, and I have observed Bruce Jones earning his daily bread. He has good instincts — intelligence, mental agility, low-key gravitas, compassion, social aptitude, and a marvelous sense of humor.

Should the wreck arrive early, I have had a blessed life. This isn’t about me: I want the children and grandchildren here to have the chance to say the same thing — because we loved them, thought of them, planned for them.

Stephanie Smith