Astoria City Councilor Price Endorses Jones for Mayor

Reprinted from the Daily Astorian

Former candidate makes choice

By Katie Frankowicz
The Daily Astorian
Published on October 22, 2018 8:30AM
Last changed on October 22, 2018 8:31AM

Astoria City Councilor Cindy Price says Bruce Jones should be the city’s next mayor.

In a letter to The Daily Astorian, Price endorsed her fellow city councilor, pointing to Jones’ record of leadership.

“He knows how Astoria fits within the economic and social structure of our neighbor cities, the county, the state, the federal government,” she wrote.

Price had been a candidate for mayor herself, but withdrew from the race in August, citing family reasons.

Jones, who had previously said he would not run for mayor this year, changed his mind and publicly announced his candidacy the next day.

Jones faces downtown business owner Dulcye Taylor and community activist Michael “Sasha” Miller in the November election.

Price, who represents Ward 3 downtown, decided to endorse Jones over Taylor, a one-time ally.

“Dulcye can be great fun and I’ve enjoyed many fine times with her,” she said. “She’s a good cheerleader for downtown Astoria, and she’d be a good councilor for Ward 3. But mayor is different, or should be.”

Price compared the role of mayor to a quarterback in a football game. The city needs, she wrote, “someone who knows the plays, calls the plays, executes the plays. That’s Bruce.”

In her letter, she described working with Jones on the City Council for the past two years.

“We haven’t always voted the same way,” she wrote. “I’ve an idealist’s raised-fist ‘Fight the Power!’ streak that Bruce smiles and nods his head at, and then makes an independent, well-reasoned decision.

“I respect him and I like him. I trust Bruce to make balanced, inclusive decisions that will benefit all Astorians.”

Price also said in an email that she favors Planning Commissioner Joan Herman, who is vying for Price’s Ward 3 seat against state forester Ron Zilli.

The mayoral candidates are entering the final stretch of the campaign. Of the three candidates, only Taylor and Jones have filed campaign finance information with the state. Miller has invested his own money into campaign items like buttons and T-shirts, but has put most of his energy to going door-to-door to talk to residents.

Jones’ filings show Price contributed $125 to his campaign earlier this month. Jones has received $5,225 in contributions, including $1,000 from Astoria resident and Jones’ fellow board member at the Astoria Armory, Dan Stein.

Taylor has raised $3,539 in contributions so far, with $200 coming from Van Dusen Family Inc., and an additional $200 from Pepsi of Astoria, owned and operated by former Mayor Willis Van Dusen. Well-known real estate agent Debra Bowe has also contributed to Taylor’s campaign.