Letter to the Editor: Ann Lederer

Published on October 11, 2018 8:53AM

It is refreshing to have a good selection of candidates for any political office, and we have that this year in Astoria’s mayoral race. While all the candidates have something to offer, I believe Bruce Jones is the best candidate based on his experience, analytical abilities, integrity and leadership.

As a longtime child advocate, I have had the opportunity to observe Bruce’s service on the board of United Way of Clatsop County as well as his board role with the Astoria Armory. Both organizations have benefited from his vision and dedication to tangibly improving the lives of all residents, and in particular our most vulnerable community members, our children.

With Bruce’s support, the Armory has developed into a valuable resource for all children and families, with programs like community skate nights and an anti-bullying program, as well as a much-needed event space for many community groups and organizations.

I know that all of the candidates are concerned about the important issues facing Astoria: economic development, housing, the homeless, emergency preparedness, and more. I believe that Bruce’s empathy and proven dedication to service, in addition to his many other qualifications, make him the candidate to support.

Ann Lederer