I am running for Mayor because the pace of change in Astoria is outpacing our ability to manage it. Instead, change is managing us. We need to get out in front of the curve and determine our own destiny. Let's manage change in a way that preserves our uniqueness and the qualities that make us love Astoria, while fostering economic, cultural and community vibrancy. I am ready to lead the effort.

I will listen to the community, look at best practices from other small cities, work with the Council to articulate a vision for what we want Astoria to look like in 25 years, and then make deliberate choices to get us there.

The City Council is losing three members this year. We can’t waste time going through a long transitional period. We need strong leadership to gain forward momentum immediately. I am honored to ask your vote for Mayor.

My Priorities

The primary job of Mayor is to lead the City Council and City by prioritizing effort, shaping budgets and policy, and making decisions.

Astoria’s next Mayor must address significant challenges:

  • Diversifying our economy and attracting new, living wage jobs.
  • Adding more housing that Astorians can afford.
  • Responding to the increase of homelessness.
  • Preparing for the possibility of a devastating Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and tsunami.
  • Providing oversight of the City’s management and maintenance of infrastructure and services while ensuring fiscal sustainability.

These challenges require a Mayor with experience. Astoria needs a serious, responsible, proven professional for Mayor.

"...a great American. We need more leaders like this to step up to the plate. Thanks for your selflessness Bruce. Good luck!"

Christopher Hulser